Make Me Strong - Sami Yusuf

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ramli Sarip & A Romzie (Mohamad Bakri Johari)

Bukan Kerana Nama

Jangan kau pandang bibir yang manis
Kerana dia bisa menghancurkan
Jangan kau pandang wajah yang indah

Kerana dia bisa meracunmu

( korus )

Dengarlah hai teman

Dengarkan bersama
Aku menulis bukan kerna nama
Kerna sifat kasih Pada sesama insan
Dan menyatakan kasih sayangmu

Kita sama semuanya sama

Apa yang ada hanyalah kehidupan

Jangan kau dengar puisi dusta

Kerana dia bisa merosakkan jiwamu

Dengarkanlah puisi di pusaka
Yang telah turun temurun hari ini

Jangan kau alas hatimu itu

Dengan secebis warna kehitaman

Dialah seperti anai-anai

Lambat laun hancurlah dirimu


Ooo my God... i couldn't believe it that i havent updated this blog for almost six months... hehehe to be frank i really got no idea what to write ... but when i got the idea, i didnt get the mood...

not so much story about me... basically it's just about time that went by so fast... my age's added one more year... life is so fast nowadays... im still here remain similar day by day... no ring in the finger yet... huhu sound miserable... but alhamdulillah i am happy although some of my friends seem in a distant from me..

i am 29 now... it seems that i begin to appreciate things around me more... i am more grateful of what i have and what i am... nothing could ever change me... i believe in the destiny destined for me... i have never been so confident and patient as i am now... indeed there are some trials to make me down... but i believe i what God planned for me... InSyaAllah one day i will be successful... i'll be able to reach the dreams that i always crave for...

Thank You Allah for still giving me the chance to live in this wondrous land.... Alhamdulillah..