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Monday, October 27, 2008

Isteri solehah...Suami soleh

when i was still in my secondary school, i used to listen to nasyeed...i still do listen to it but not soo frequent....tHE zIKR was such a phenomenon as all of the songs were so of it that i like the most is isteri solehah. the lyric is so meaningful that it gives an in sight of what men need from a woman called wife..

here is the lyric;

Isteri cerdik yang solehah
Penyejuk mata, penawar hati, penajam fikiran
Di rumah dia isteri, di jalanan kawan
Di waktu kita buntu, dia penunjuk jalan

Pandangan kita diperteguhkan
Menjadikan kita tetap pendirian
Ilmu yang diberi dapat disimpan
Kita lupa, dia mengingatkan

Nasihat kita dijadikan pakaian
Silap kita, dia betulkan
Penghibur di waktu kesunyian
Terasa ramai bila bersamanya

Dia umpama tongkat si buta
Bila tiada satu kehilangan
Dia ibarat simpanan ilmu
Semoga kekal untuk diwariskan

so...everywhere we always hear people say that a wife should be like this,like that blablabla...we rarely hear people say that a husband should be like this and like that and blablabla.. so here i change the lyric above...this is what i as a woman hope from a man called husband..

Suami bijak yang soleh
Penyejuk mata, penawar hati, penajam fikiran
Di rumah dia suami, di jalanan kawan
Di waktu kita buntu, dia penunjuk jalan

Pandangan kita diperteguhkan
Menjadikan kita tetap pendirian
Ilmu yang diberi dapat disimpan
Kita lupa, dia mengingatkan

Nasihat kita dijadikan pakaian
Silap kita, dia betulkan
Penghibur di waktu kesunyian
Terasa damai bila bersamanya

Dia umpama tongkat si buta
Bila tiada satu kehilangan
Dia ibarat simpanan ilmu
Semoga kekal untuk diwariskan

sebenarnya tak ubah mana pon...cuma kat rangkap first jer...ape pon, apa yang lelaki harap dari seorang wanita bergelar isteri, itulah juga yang diharapkan oleh wanita dari seorang lelaki bergelar suami....

p.s#(aku selalu tersasul; isteri soleh, suami solehah) harharhar

Betol ke....

betol ker biler kiter terpandang 'the one who is meant for us' akan rasa berdebar2...
mmm boleh cayer ke nih...i used to know someone who everytime i met him, my heart would beat so loud and so fast like it was going out of my the end, he went away.. :-(...

last friday, i met someone who i was supposedly to meet...that never happened as, it's a long story...actually we have never met but we know each other (seen each other's pics)...i supposed it was him that i saw at giant...i guess...well anyway, my heart did thump hard...yet, those things that were supposed to happen didn't happen..

so the conclusion is; is it true that our heart will thump hard when we see our soulmate? betol ke?? boleh cayer ker?? entahla...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My days were hectic it is slowing down...even so, my heart is still not in peace...SPM is soo around the corner...i really am worried about my students...i am hoping and praying for their success.... i feel a bit guilty for them as i have not paid my full attention to them lately... i am going to work hard till the big day comes....i hope that my beloved students will keep moving forward and never turn back .....

i have just recovered from my fever and headache.( i got 2 days MCs). Tomorow i will be seeing my students...i couldn't wait to see them...

i really2 wish that my students know how i feel inside..guys you have to work hard and never wait for me...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kasut Raya

See my kasut raya?? Its sembonia!! yeah i know its so like makcik2..but i like it as this is my first time buying a 100 ringgit sandals..(are these sandals??mmmmm)..but Yasmin and Zanariah have them too!!! daaa =p

After going back from Yasmin's house, i stopped by for a while at Nabihah's house as she would be going back to KL the next day.Besides, Yasmin had sent her some 'bekal'... Bytheway, i took a picture of Fatimah Hana, Biah's daughter and before i had taken some pics with her too..Even though some of them are a little blurry but have a look! =))

Oh, actually Nabihah is my bestfriend too..Later i'll show her pics too..wait arr:-*

What happened during weekend??

Last Friday i refused to join Aidilfitri gathering conducted by some teachers at Titi Hayun; i'm not really sure its whereabout. This is because i think i have to settle down some other important commitments..Do i sound boring?? Anyway that's not the topic today. So, in my sweet and peaceful thinking that day i think i could finish up those boring stuffs which i should have done that last week.. By the way i got a phone call from Yasmin....

" Salam. Weh maizurah what are you doing?" Sleepily i answered her with an anoying tone,"mmmm, i got headache.What do you want?"-hey i dont really answer her question!! well you know what happened when you got headache,ok continue..

Yasmin was gigling,"Tomorrow come to my house"(not a question but a statement). Again in an annoying tone i said,"mmm what for, i'm busy you know. Besides the students said that they are coming to my house that day(that didn't happen).

" Yasmin still sounded happy like she never realised that i was so annoyed that she called me at a wrong time (she always did that!!). "Come lah, tomorrow i'm going to have an open house..come laa..ok??". She continued. "This raya we haven't got the chance to meet yet. Come lah ya. Zana is here too."

Not so annoyed with her anymore for i feel a little pity on her, i said,"Mmmm, is there any satay? If not i'm not coming!"(Actually i intentionally said this as i was expecting that there wasn't any satay! yet.." Yes, of course got! So come tomorrow ok.Bye." Happily Yasmin put down the phone. Gosh! i was traped by my own trap!!

In the end, i did go to her house and had some fun by eating 20 sticks of satay!! There i got to see Zana and Nazirah as well after our last meeting during fasting month. As usual we took some pictures as a token of our sweet memory.(Is there such expression??i don't know it just sounds sweet.)

#The conversation above did occur but i had changed it a bit up to my liking in order to make it sounds interesting (is it??what say you?).
Here are some shots taken that day...yeeee haaaa =))

Well, at last i admit it that i had so much fun. we talked about Nazirah's pregnancy (the one wearing purple tudung), Zanariah's latest news (wearing black kebaya), Yasmin's latest scandal(wearing green jubah), Nabihah's latest stories and some ketupat and lemang about other people whom we met recently.....My story??naa it is so much a secret lately....hehehe =D.

Thursday, October 9, 2008



Tuesday, October 7, 2008




Raya dah berlalu beberapa hari, baru hari nih aku rasa na letak gambar raya.. tapi nanti ada byk lagi nak letak..
Letih sangat lepas raya nih...i got a bad headache on tuesday which causes me to stay in bed and be absent from skul..sorry to mr.z for not updating this blog..i dont have the mood to put new entries or pictures. Lately i got messed up with some personal stuff as well as professional stuff(papers to mark)...

Lately ive been questioning about my passion as a teacher..i got a couple of sms from Baby Nik, she too has a problem in this profession...unlike me she doesn't really have a passion as a teacher, thus having read her msg has awoken my truest feeling towards this job.. i love my students and love to see them everyday, yet sometimes i feel so boring and tired of doing the same thing everyday.. somebody please help me..

Friday, October 3, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya....

Today is 3rd day of Aidilfitri ; all of sudden i remember Fitri my xclassmate, actually i wanted to update this blog since the 1st day of raya but i didn't have any mood to do so...

I tried to write something earlier..and it ended up, i deleted that was soo boring..

I went to my friends' house today..well its hari raya,....(hey i lost my words!!!!!!!)...oh then i met Fitri, Faris, Fadhil and eh weird 3Fs...including Hanan and Kamalia oh and not forgotten the hosts Azrin and Suhaili (my newly wed friends)...we talked and gossip about our lives.. seeing Suhaili and Azrin happy together brought this tinkling sensation inside my chest... i envy them!!! i wish i could be happy like them.. ooo at 27 years old seeing my friends happily married will always make my heart sober... i want to get married tooo!! but God has his own planning over i just need to be patience and pray harder..Guys pray for me lor...

after talking and talking while eating...suddenly, jengjengjeng...fitri asked me this cepumas question..."Maizurah, do you have something going on between u and Rizal??"...What!! mmm i wish i answered yes..but the truth is no..i don't know where this guys got this rumours...anyway it was kind of cute you know as i had never been gossipped before...hehehe i felt so popular for a split second.... anyway nothing happened between me and Jan eventhough we have known each other for nearly 20 years odd!!!! can you imagine that...we've been in the same class for six years (from standard 1 to standard 6) and my table would always be near his different kind of position of course...weird huh...

Anyway, he is a big boy now and i am a very-very big girl (literally), even though we have known each other for almost 20 years, we have different path of life, point of view and hope for future..

Good Luck for both of us....

So Today...the 3rd day of Aidilfitri brought back my old memories...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin

someone i know nearly 20 years!!