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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


salam... alhamdulillah dapat gak air bah surut... dan dapatlah saya guna internet kat umah... dan dapatlah saya update blog dgn senang hati.

sebenarnya sepanjang kesenyapan saya selama ini selain masalah internet masuk air, saya selalu takdak kat rumah... so kadang2 tak sempat nak update... internet di skolah plak perlahan semacam jer... biler2 laju baru saya bleh update blog nih.

sebenarnya banyak idea yang saya nak tulis, tapi bila asek tak sempat jer, sumer idea hilang mcam tuh jer..

sekarang nih mcm2 benda yang berlaku... pikiran saya tak setenang dulu... lain yang di pikir lain yang di buat... haih... hati pon tawar jer rase... ntahlah... biler bacer blog bekas2 pelajar dulu dgn gembiranya melalui hidup masing2 dan mula melangkah ke alam baru, saya rasa cemburu..
satu ketika dulu aku juga begitu detik hati ini... ketahuilah adik2 ku zaman ini sememangnya antara yang terindah.. nikmatilah ia dgn gembira dan jangan sia-siakan peluang yang ada... pasti diakhir nanti jalan yang anda lalui penuh ceria, cerah dan bermakna...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Since my Internet at home is still not functioning, the only place that i can access Internet is school.

Today i can update my blog as today i have class at Makmal Bestari ( SAINA favourite place). if i said to students that class at MAKMAL BESTARI is to be canceled, they all would be very disappointed and you could see the sadness in their eyes. How cute! hehehe...

Well previously i did mention that i went to UUM for motivation camp last week. indeed it was tiring as we all had not had a good weekend that week. the students were the most unfortunate ones as they had not had rest at all.. what a pity.

At the end of the camp, we had attended a talk given by the Timbalan Naib Canselor UUM, Datuk Dr. Ahmad Faiz bin Hamid. Not having been in such event for quite sometimes, that is the most inspirational and encouraging speech that i have ever heard. He was so enthusiastic when giving his speech. As a matter of fact, i was so inspired when he talked about A.P.I (Akhlak, patriotisme, ilmu).

He also said that in order to be the best we must do the best. Indeed he is right in every way. The only thing that could make us be the best is by doing the best. InsyaAllah i would try my best to be the best.

It was quite interesting when he came out with the acronym AIDS which stands for arrogance, ignorance, decadence, and stupidity.

Before i put an end to my words i'd like to quote Datuk's quotation;
"Don't ask what you get from your country, but ask what are your contributions to the country".J.F.K

Monday, April 13, 2009 school

Salam.. At last today i had the opportunity to update my blog.. Well i guess many of the visitors are well aware that i am actually a person who involves in education field. Anyway yes... having involved in such field has led my life to cycle around the world named SCHOOL. Last weekend my form 3 and 5 students had a motivation camp in UUM Sintok for 3 days. Thus, since i am teaching them and i am single, i had to somehow be there with them. Consequently, my days for the whole week had been so unrestful and tiring.

Yesterday i had a MC.This was due to the hectic week that i had had. But before i got one of course i had to see a doctor in order to get an MC. My body that day was hot and sometimes cold. I felt so exhausted that i couldn't wake up that morning as i had a very bad headache. So, when i was seeing the doctor, weirdly i was not so sick and my temperature was ok. The doctor looked like he did not believe me. When i said that i could probably be in stress, he said, " kerja cekgu busy apa sangat sampai stress". Huh how could he say that to me!! That is such a humiliation!! Many people said so to us (teacher). They think being a teacher is such an easy job. Have they given a thought of what we teachers do at school daily?! Such ignorance!!

Being a teacher in general and SBP teacher in specific is not as easy as those people think. We, teachers are not only teaching. We have to prepare materials on our own. We have to check on the student’s everyday if we are respective class teachers. We have to prepare exam papers. We have to accompany students when they are going out of school. We have to attend extra classes. We have to mark/check students' books (imagine if we teach 5 classes- 5x30=150 students). And if we have extra position in school like Head Panitia or Secretary, or Treasurer of Panitia, hence so many works to be done every day.

What I said above are just half of what a teacher does everyday… So for people who think that being a teacher is easy please change your perception as you are so damn wrong. Not many people realize that in being a teacher, so many sacrifices to be made. All is because of the students. Many teachers have to put their family and personal matters second after students and school.

I have a friend whom I had had an argument about this matter. He could not believe me when I said that I am such a busy teacher. He said that people whom he knew worked as teachers were not busy like me. Here I would like to say, don’t judge the book by its cover. This is the credit that we teachers have. We are so flexible that even though we are so busy we could attend to other activities without looking so eventful. However if there are teachers whose life is not busy, that could probably because they themselves who choose to be monotonous.

Thus, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to all teachers who have sacrifice their life to their students and school more then to their family and happiness. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! =)

p.s# to all exSAINA, teacher Naimah Adam has just been transferred to Sek.Men Sains Kubang Pasu. She is no longer in SAINA. =(