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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Now Kekkaishi is my favourite anime..

When i was about 7 years old i read my first comic which i forgot the title. I remembered my late brother bought it at 30 cents if I'm not mistaken...since then i had shared this comic fan hobby with my beloved brother..when i was older and studying at Maahad, i began my obsession with my first comic; Raja Rimba, which accidentally before that i read it at school (it belonged to Biah's brother). I fell in love with some more comics after that.. Now i have quite a number of collection of this type of comic (at that time kungfu like comics were very popular among the teenagers). To name a few in my collections: Raja Rimba (which i think has never ended), Alam Perwira, Pedang Setiawan (there's a movie created based on this comic), Wira-Wira Keinderaan (it was once out in 8 tv) , Juara-Juara Kembar (didn't finish reading it as i had no time to buy and i had switch my obsession to Japanese comic;manga. There was also a drama about this and was aired on 8 tv).

These comics were my obsession until when i furthered my study in Uitm Shah Alam. I had slowed down buying these types of comics as i had no had time to buy it. Besides, I had difficulty to find a specific store selling these types of comics. Not many bookstores in Shah Alam sold these comics. Then i learnt to read mangas which i accidentally encountered at Kedai Kucing(a bookstore located in section 18 shah alam and it smelled CATS!!)..

Actually, i had had a crush on anime for quite sometimes before being obsessed with it. During my secondary school time i enjoyed watching Sailormoon and Dragonball..they are still popular now.. then after that when Ntv7 aired Card Captor Sakura, i began to enjoy watching anime.. It seems like Japanese are very creative at creating good cartoon. Since i like comics soo much, i had read some mangas and began to fall in love with them..and one of them is Conan, when our local tv aired Conan anime, i thought watching anime is better than reading until now i had watched quite a number of anime and pretty obsess with it... Thank God that we have Youtube which i could download my favourite anime.
Right now i am soo obsessed with Kekkaishi (it was once aired on Ntv7)...
A list of anime that i like the most: Fruit basket, Conan, Kindaichi, Bleach, Vampire Knight, Hell Girl, Slam Dunk etc..
P.S# I'm not sure wthether Avatar The Last Air Bender is a type of anime, but this cartoon is really cool..

Lagi-Lagi Gambar...

My form 5 students. Pity them for being so worn out for the exams.

P.S# Sorry the pics are i wish i had a digital camera that day!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hari Raya Spirit!!

Last Thursday we had Aidilfitri Special Gathering Day...Mr.Prince had given his best speech ever! (as far as i could remember..) maybe he too was in good mood, well Eid is coming soon aight. All students got their duit raya which is put in white envelopes and not in those typical green angpaus.. i asked the students how much do they get this year, they said as usual RM5. Suddenly i recalled my own Aidilfitri Special Gathering Day back far as i could reminisce during my primary school years, i used to get only RM1 for Duit Raya..even when i was in Maahad, i was given only RM2!! So, Saina's students were so lucky...i envy them..hehe..

Seeing those students received their white angpau, was such an unforgettable moment. They were sooooo damned cute!! Hahaha.. especially form 1 and form 2 students..they were soo excited..i guess its because of the Hari Raya song...Cikgu Azman made it even worst by singing along with Dendang Perantau and Satu Hari di Hari Raya (his voice was not bad but a bit pitchy, hahaha). It was pretty funny seeing how the older students acted when receiving that white envelope. Form 3 students were like shy and excited at the same time. Whereas their seniors; Form 4 and 5 (mostly boys), were trying their best not to look foolish by being too eager to accept the duit raya.. i wish you could see their face. And the girls were very typical as they were like, 'oh thank you oo much for being so generous'; Soo comel haha i was laughing soo hard until other teachers scolded me to behave(well i am the cutest teacher in the school so i can do whatever i want)..hahaha can't forget that part. p.s# i think that is wafiy my student; our basketball cutest player..hehe

This kind of celebration should be a must i think in every school in Malaysia as it can instill positive values among the school residence (including teachers of course).
p.s# the pics are a little blurry as the students were moving..(actually my phone camera is not so good..i wish mine was like Hanep)=D.

Raya, Raya, Raya, Raya..

Last Thursday i got some more Raya cards!! so there are 15 cards altogether..

These days my teaching life has been a litle bit dull with hectic schedule...some beautiful cards like these have enlightened my life again... i'm so grateful to Allah for this..
Thank You Very Much for this priceless appreciation...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tomorrow Khatam Quran

Tomorrow my morning class is cancelled!!! yeyeyeyeye....

and i will be wondering and floating all day long

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kad Raya

I got some card raya from my students...they are soooo cute...
one of the most wonderful thing of being a teacher is getting cards from the students.... such a touching and teary moments receiving cards from them..

Break Fast....

Holiday is getting closer and closer..of course Hari Raya too(Nep, you are so wrong, raya is so soon!!), today Lidia asked me to 'berbuka' with her(gov servant got bonus lor; i am so disappointed that uncomfirmed teacher like me got only RM1000!).
At first i was a litle hesitate as i didn't want my mak and ayah to 'buka' alone..but since Lidia kept asking me of going out with her, i didn't want to let her down. Besides she is going back home this Friday, so okaylah.

As usual being affected by Hanep(Nep really likes to take his own pics; self-obsessed haha), i took some pics during the outing (so like school students)..Nothing much happen, just a typical outing of some bored goverment servants who desperately looking for some fun in a dead town like Alor Star..what a pity. However i consider our day as not bad since i got to eat blackpepper Steak; Lidia effortlessly tried to correct my pronunciation of the word Steak.

Guys it's steik not stik okay...=P

Monday, September 22, 2008

Im not married but i have 2 babies....

These are my i love them and cant live without them..

These are my favourite stuffs..see my new handphone?? love it sooo much..

What to do???

Tonight i dont know what to do... eventhough i have some papers to mark, i dont have the mood to do so. Yesterday i had downloaded some episodes of Kekkasshi anime in the youtube. Thanks to the latest version of realplayer as it has made my downloading time easier..hahaha.

So, despite of finishing marking the paper, i decided to post some more entries to my new blog..

For those who have never involved in the teaching field, marking the exam papers is the worst thing ever!! it is even worse when you are teaching form 5!!

So, KPLI's applicants to be, reconsider your application..if not; welcome to mai hell!!hehehe..

My Life Currently

Ramadhan is almost going to its end. Oh i am going to miss it soo much...i might not live that long to celebrate it next year (we never know that we gonna live for another day aight!). Well i admit that I dont really go to the masjid for terawih, but i really love Ramadhan. Its not that i dont want to go but during weekdays i will be very tired after coming back home from school.. Only those who are in the same line like me understand the feeling of exaustion. So, having thought about te principle of Ikhlas, i decided to stay at home and do my own way of gaining pahala. Last week when i was hanging out at the staff surau ( my favourite spot during Ramadhan haha), i bumped into this ustazah . She said during Ramadhan all of the good deeds will be doubled its Rewards (i think more kot mmmm), i think even though i dont do my Terawih as religiously as others, i think i could still gain some Rewards if i do some more good deeds sincerely!()Many people forget about this; the concept of sincerity). Well as encouraged by our great Prophet, we all deserve to chase as much pahala as we can, so clap your hands, ask your iman...

Ops continued...

Hehehe...this time i have successfully posted my You might be wondering what does it mean by "Finally", well i actually have accidentally posted that (i was too excited to post another entry...) whereas i still have a lot more to say.. oh actually i had failed to post my first entry..i was a little down about that indeed as i had written my first entry enthusiastically yet it had not appeared in the page!! (how could that be! so unfair) so then i wrote another entry half heartedly..after posting it i shut my laptop down...i don't want to be disappointed again okay.

Back to my conversation with hanep, i told him about the failure of my first attempt...he laughed!! (I knew he would do it)..Okay then, he (over the phone) kindly check my blog. Hehehe thanks Nep for doing that. So he said that the entry was Finally i had succeeded posting my words!!!!! :D..the end..

That is the story about "Finally!"


I talked to hanef over the phone today (I was at school hanging out at surau hehehe) i told him about Mai Blog, he laughed at me!!! so cruel!! You now i couldn't resist the lure to have my own!! I know Nep I am still an amature about this thing...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Words

At last I manage to have my own Blog!! well it is not easy you know to set up a blog... I hope that this blog will be better and better each day...ActualLy I am not so good about blogging and stuff like that...but it seems so fun to be able to read other people's thoughts of life. My life is not as interesting as others ; having taught boarding school students, having lived at the nearby kampung with parents have resulted my life to be so typical and dull everyday. Well i do have some hanging out with my friends, but there are the dos and donts you know... well you know people , we cant just say things like that as they could get hurt (daa). Some people say that I am such a bad story teller, i know that as during my primary school time the teachers had never chosen me to participate in the story-telling competition (which i think not so true as I am soo talkative). So, I think it is such a good idea for me to have my own blog as i have sooo much to say about life..not just about my life of course, others too... who knows i might change others' with my humble perception of life... Anyway, lets hope for the best...