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Thursday, March 3, 2011

a chaotic week did not stay long

this week was chaotic with a lot of things to be was also a mundane and somber week. i was not i a good mood. so many things had caused me to be like this. it was so bad that i wish i was not a teacher. Alhamdulillah the moment i entered my classes, seeing their faces had changed my mood instantly. thank you guys for being good students. you made my day bright again. for your information i am teaching form 3 and 4 now; 3n,3s, 4e,4a and 4p. i like them all and hopefully they too. =D

p.s: i would like to share with you a blog that i am following now. it is so inspiring reading this blog. the entries always give me new spirit and motivation. the latest entry is superb,motivating and heart touching too. i cried. please read the entry and the link given ok.!!

p.s.s: sorry my language is very simple..=D

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