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Friday, January 30, 2009

dah lama ek... ehehe

salam... i guess it has been a while since my last entry supplication been posted. i begin to miss the excitement of updating the blog. all this while i was struck by laziness. I am sooooo lazy that i feel it is soo harmful to switch on the laptop and that i think i could be disgorging my food if i stare into the colourful screen of cute laptop. it is indeed the most disgusting disease that i have ever had.yucks..

so... now i had recovered from that illness.. however, unfortunately my internet service has been blocked as i had not paid the bill!! hahahaha... after so much fuss regarding updating mai life, i had to face another obstacle... haih... what a pity..

did i tell you that on the last week of 2008 i went for an outing with my BFF? yeah it was so awesome having had the chance to have a mini reunion with my fellow classmates when i was in maahad. you can also give a pickaboo at nasyroh's blog.. Red's

well actually there were about eight of us to be seeing each other that night. at last minute basis, only 4 of us turned out at the promised spot which was shahab perdana. Only me, Nayroh, Anis and Che Pah managed to participate that day.. this gathering was planned by nasyroh actually. after being separated for quite sometimes, she thought it would be great if we could see each other again.. she was pretty sad that the other four members could not make it. those four unconsiderate people were (hehehe jangan mare eh) Yasmin, Zana, Jazilah and Samihah.
because of this also, Nasyroh and Anis are still mad at yasmin and zana as they had given the most unaccepted reason. hehehe..

actually i guess nasyroh and anis were pretty busy lately; anis had been posted as GSTT(guru sandaran tak terlatih) somewhere in penang and while nsyroh i think since she is in her early pregnancy, she is busy dealing with her morningsickness... hahaha
# che tah eventhough you are so busy with your work, pleasssssssssse dont forget to send me the pictures that we took that day, ok.. =)

so during chinese new year holiday i went to see yasmin. we dated for a few times hehehe... an i have an overnight at her place...and i am still having the overnight hahaha last night and tonight when i am updating the blog... i brought along my baby laptop as i know around Jitra (oh Yasmin is staying in Jitra) there are so many wireless spot available. now i am at uncle john wifiing while updating this beloved blog of mine. so now you can see me hae updated mai life..

p.s# when i went to watch INKHEART at the cinema, i just got the info that there is going to be a new movie... do you know what it is???
it is DRAGONBALL you guys!!!!! DRAGONBALL!!!! that is awesome... the most popular anime during our childhood days is going to be aired in movie version!!! awesome!!! i am not going to miss it... i will!!!! yes... =p


hana_lalalala said...

how was inkheart??? dragon ball ade movie nanti? hehe

CtJamarlPatH said...

mai..haha...sure i will send u the pix....hehehe... sori still not manage to get the time for that. sooner or later u will get it.
salam to mak min..apesal dia dah tak online. invisible kat aku saja ka...? rilek ler beb....
damn..i miss anis so much.... rindu chatting ngan dia.

tcer_mai said...

oklah inkheart tuh...mmm yes akan ader movie dragonball... cant wait for that...