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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Is the end of world so near?

Everyday we could here about the destruction, death and downfall of life. To an extend,we question ourselves; what is happening to the world nowadays? Is it going to be safe as years ago? Are we going to be the next victim?

To those who do think of these questions, then at least you are awake. Your are on the right track. The only thing that you need to do is to find the right path. And don't forget to bring along those who are close to you and your love ones.

I am not a conspiracy theorist blogger. But Lately, if you do smell something like it, it is only my own wake up all. I don't have the courage as well as the knowledge to do so. God bless them who could write such information. But what are posted in my blog, are just a few entries of valuable knowledge that i would like to share with others that i also get it from others.

I Guess this is the only deed that i could share with my friends and others who happen to read it. If you believe it, believe with critical mind. Don't just accept it solely. Think, as God likes us to think and ponder. then find the right path.

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