Make Me Strong - Sami Yusuf

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Alhamdulillah my parents have safely returned back home. Thanks to Allah for his blessings both of them had completed their hajj successfully. i hope one day i would be able to fulfill the last pillar of Islam and simultaneously completed all five pillars of Islam In-sya-Allah. Hopefully next year i would be a better moslem and i would be 'istiqamah' in my 'ibadah'. Please pray for me .

Alhamdulillah as well to all my students(Lithium) who had managed to face their battle in the spm. All i can say is their effort will be seen in their results in-sya-Allah.Now they have to keep praying to Allahasking for his help for that is the only way or only last effort that they can do. In a nutshell, what you give you get back.

My prayer is always for the best. In-sya-Allah..

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