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Saturday, December 10, 2011



I think all this while i have never posted anything showing my chagrin or annoyance. But today i am going to break that clean record.

Today i am going to spill out my animosity. I am so pissed off and disappointed at the same time.
For all of my students who used to see my red J108i Sony Ericson hand phone, i would like to announce that it is gone.
It's gone everyone!!

This is my second time having lost a handphone. I am so sad as i really like that hand phone. I know that it is not the most advance type one but i really like it as it looks cool. Besides i could search the internet anytime easily. I really find it accessible to use the thesaurus. Oh God i am so sad and pretty angry as well.

Im not sure how, but i suspect that it is stolen by the same person who stole my previous handphone. He is pretty lucky this time as this one is much better and not that old. I am not sure what is happening to my neighbourhood. Eventhough we know that there is a thief, we are still being forgiven for this person. Is it because we are trying to give him a chance to change for betterment or it is simply ignorant?? The latest incident is actually the forth one. Hence, what should we do to this person? Forbid him from entering my house? or just tell his parents?

Yes, that's the problem. His parents; we cant just tell his father since he is a very angry man. His father would just kill him for that. How about his mother? Oh ho, no no no... she might try to give as many excuses and stories as possible to cover the whole thing. In the end what should we do? Nothing! Nothing! Simply Nothing!!! I am not saying that my family and I are kind and nice people, but we do not have any choice just to accept the destiny or unfortunate event as it is. We know that this is just another test from Allah.. I am questioning myself; what else will he be stealing next time? May Allah forgive me for my animosity. And may Allah forgive and repay his doing fairly.

P.S# I am sorry if any of you might find reading this entry disturbing. I am so sad that i need to throw this somewhere. It's just my two cents. :-{

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matdarts said...

jangan marah2 makcik....dia suruh beli handphone baru la tu......