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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Sami Yusuf

I was watching Sami's video tonight in youtube. Quite some of them actually. I could say he is a great star artist in his own genre. He is more famous now than the days when i first heard his song. His voice was stunning. Sometimes i feel that his voice is angelic. Those days i like to listen to his songs as i could feel his sincerity.

Lately, i'm not saying that he is not sincere anymore, i know deep in his heart he is the most sincere singer and composer. he knows best what he wants. i believe that. and will always be. yes lately after watching his videos and listening to his songs, i sense something. i don't know what but something had made him grew tired. i know many will say " hey who are you to think that way, you are nobody to him!" indeed i am nobody. i am just a stupid fan who has this stupid instinct. I know even Sami Yusuf might not read this small blog. But I need to say this. And believe it, it comes from the core of my heart. I don't know what is happening to him right now. I wish i know because i might be able to help him or at least pray for him. But i just sense that he is not who he is anymore. I know I don't have the right to say that. Anyway, I really hope that Sami Yusuf tries to listen to his heart once more. You know your heart more than anyone else except Allah. Seek for his guidance as he is the most Gracious, and Merciful.

Dear Sami Yusuf, I just feel sad for you for no reason. I really wish i have and know the reasons.
I hope Allah will help and bless you. Ameen.

p.s# this is just my 2 cents when i am in dizzy mood. :-p

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