Make Me Strong - Sami Yusuf

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Want To Be With You

I want to be with you.

When this feeling emerge,

I could feel you.

I could feel you are so close to me


You are so close that I could feel your breath

Blowing my hair.

And I want to be there.

I want to be there with you

Just at the place where

I am supposed to be.

Like the place where Hawa always be.

But I could not be with you

As it is only a feeling.

Though I know it is true.

But there is a barrier between us.

And I don’t know how to put it down.

I can only pray to Him

For his mercy upon me

And To make me strong

While waiting for the barrier to fall down.

Written by: magpie


zurinazakaria said...

hassalamualaikum kak mai..
kak mai tulis utk sape ni? teeheehee..
aka, zrin ada smsm tapi yg replynya budak laki la kak mai..
zrin still lagi pakai no lama, akak ada lagi tak no tu..

tcer_mai said...

waalaikumsalam zurin,

akak tulis untuk sesorang yang telah Allah ciptakan untuk akak. InsyaAllah.