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Monday, October 13, 2008

What happened during weekend??

Last Friday i refused to join Aidilfitri gathering conducted by some teachers at Titi Hayun; i'm not really sure its whereabout. This is because i think i have to settle down some other important commitments..Do i sound boring?? Anyway that's not the topic today. So, in my sweet and peaceful thinking that day i think i could finish up those boring stuffs which i should have done that last week.. By the way i got a phone call from Yasmin....

" Salam. Weh maizurah what are you doing?" Sleepily i answered her with an anoying tone,"mmmm, i got headache.What do you want?"-hey i dont really answer her question!! well you know what happened when you got headache,ok continue..

Yasmin was gigling,"Tomorrow come to my house"(not a question but a statement). Again in an annoying tone i said,"mmm what for, i'm busy you know. Besides the students said that they are coming to my house that day(that didn't happen).

" Yasmin still sounded happy like she never realised that i was so annoyed that she called me at a wrong time (she always did that!!). "Come lah, tomorrow i'm going to have an open house..come laa..ok??". She continued. "This raya we haven't got the chance to meet yet. Come lah ya. Zana is here too."

Not so annoyed with her anymore for i feel a little pity on her, i said,"Mmmm, is there any satay? If not i'm not coming!"(Actually i intentionally said this as i was expecting that there wasn't any satay! yet.." Yes, of course got! So come tomorrow ok.Bye." Happily Yasmin put down the phone. Gosh! i was traped by my own trap!!

In the end, i did go to her house and had some fun by eating 20 sticks of satay!! There i got to see Zana and Nazirah as well after our last meeting during fasting month. As usual we took some pictures as a token of our sweet memory.(Is there such expression??i don't know it just sounds sweet.)

#The conversation above did occur but i had changed it a bit up to my liking in order to make it sounds interesting (is it??what say you?).
Here are some shots taken that day...yeeee haaaa =))

Well, at last i admit it that i had so much fun. we talked about Nazirah's pregnancy (the one wearing purple tudung), Zanariah's latest news (wearing black kebaya), Yasmin's latest scandal(wearing green jubah), Nabihah's latest stories and some ketupat and lemang about other people whom we met recently.....My story??naa it is so much a secret lately....hehehe =D.


CtJamarlPatH said...

i maizurah...wah....bestnya gathering ramai ramai...semua muka tak berubah langsung.... rindunya nak jumpa hampa semua....
zana look stunning...min as usual..anggun seh....

tcer_mai said...

aku pun rindu kat hang...nanti bila2 hang balik kedah habq laa naa...aku kat aloq staq hello2 laa aku..