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Monday, October 13, 2008

Kasut Raya

See my kasut raya?? Its sembonia!! yeah i know its so like makcik2..but i like it as this is my first time buying a 100 ringgit sandals..(are these sandals??mmmmm)..but Yasmin and Zanariah have them too!!! daaa =p

After going back from Yasmin's house, i stopped by for a while at Nabihah's house as she would be going back to KL the next day.Besides, Yasmin had sent her some 'bekal'... Bytheway, i took a picture of Fatimah Hana, Biah's daughter and before i had taken some pics with her too..Even though some of them are a little blurry but have a look! =))

Oh, actually Nabihah is my bestfriend too..Later i'll show her pics too..wait arr:-*


H&F said...

ececeh..bkn main lagi teacher mai

Heiso said...

Haa?? kak Biah dh kawen n ada anak?? oh oh sungguh lama sudah tidak berjumpa k.mai sampai tak tau pae.. dulu k.mai slalu cite psl k. biah.. huhu