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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lately i feel so lazy to pour down my thoughts and feeling... after so many things occured around me, i got a very slow motion life. Everything seems so slow. I guess i even talk slow.

What should say? I am lost in my own slumber land. ooo God, I am waiting for some crazy, wild (not wild like 'wild') and cheeful moments.. I miss those days when worrying was not so gruesome, when problems were like dirty clothes waited to be washed..

Actually i don't know what i am talking about, but this is what came out of my mind hahaha...

Yeah right, it is so wonderful to have a free problems life.. where you dont have to worry much about your age and not getting married yet. Or about those monthly bills that you need to pay. Or about your ups and downs weight. Or about to whom you're getting tangled up with. Or about your financial shortage when it comes to the middle of the month.

Due to those tiny-miny whims, i wish i was born pretty and slim and slender so that i would not have problems to get a boyfriend and then get engaged and then get married. I also wish that i was born in a wealthy family so that i would not have worries about my financial status as yeah my parents would help me up when i got problems.

Anyway, life is like that. You or i would never be satisfied with what we have. There are always "I wish.."..

I wish i had not known him, yet i love him and i want to be with him.. yet so many obstacles are waiting for us..

Gratefulness, Prayers, Patience, and Faith.. These are all i got..


Anonymous said...

be careful of what u wish for..

things happen for a reason. u cant change the past. but can make a beautiful future. try wishing for the future!!! hehe

tcer_mai said...

thank you hana..=)