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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Upside down = chaotic

currently, my life is so chaotic with so many problems.... Now i have learnt what kind of men that i should trust and like and what i should not. For those gurls out there beware with some guys around you. I am not a gender bias kind of person but having experienced some experiences, i know there are untrusted men who hide behind a sweet and innocent mask. But indeed i agree that there are good guys ( i even know plenty of them)which you never expect that they are actually good. Girls please be careful, never believe your friends, boyfriend or even FIANCE!! They could be nice and sweet in front of you, but hell like evil behind you... so check up on that. ( no wonder hanef and my abang keep reminding me to be careful)...

I am now in a great dilemma. Sometimes i really need support especially moral support. When this happen, then i know who i should really rely on to and hope for. I remember my friend whom i called che tah, she once had had an unlucky event, she said when you are in great need of help then you will know who is your true friends. Che Tah, now i understand what you meant. Another thing that i learn now is that there are people who will take an advantage on your misfortune. So beware about this as you could add on some more problems. Right now i am praying to Allah to help me and give me strength to face the world. I don't need money or other kind of physical assistance. The only thing i need is someone that i could gain support to proceed with my life. However the greatest thing that i need now is strength and forgiveness from the Almighty. Alhamdulillah, he is still there for me and keep advising me and reminding me to stand still. He might not be able to give me anything but his prayer, advises, and support is the most important. Thank You Allah for helping me.

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