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Friday, September 26, 2008

Hari Raya Spirit!!

Last Thursday we had Aidilfitri Special Gathering Day...Mr.Prince had given his best speech ever! (as far as i could remember..) maybe he too was in good mood, well Eid is coming soon aight. All students got their duit raya which is put in white envelopes and not in those typical green angpaus.. i asked the students how much do they get this year, they said as usual RM5. Suddenly i recalled my own Aidilfitri Special Gathering Day back far as i could reminisce during my primary school years, i used to get only RM1 for Duit Raya..even when i was in Maahad, i was given only RM2!! So, Saina's students were so lucky...i envy them..hehe..

Seeing those students received their white angpau, was such an unforgettable moment. They were sooooo damned cute!! Hahaha.. especially form 1 and form 2 students..they were soo excited..i guess its because of the Hari Raya song...Cikgu Azman made it even worst by singing along with Dendang Perantau and Satu Hari di Hari Raya (his voice was not bad but a bit pitchy, hahaha). It was pretty funny seeing how the older students acted when receiving that white envelope. Form 3 students were like shy and excited at the same time. Whereas their seniors; Form 4 and 5 (mostly boys), were trying their best not to look foolish by being too eager to accept the duit raya.. i wish you could see their face. And the girls were very typical as they were like, 'oh thank you oo much for being so generous'; Soo comel haha i was laughing soo hard until other teachers scolded me to behave(well i am the cutest teacher in the school so i can do whatever i want)..hahaha can't forget that part. p.s# i think that is wafiy my student; our basketball cutest player..hehe

This kind of celebration should be a must i think in every school in Malaysia as it can instill positive values among the school residence (including teachers of course).
p.s# the pics are a little blurry as the students were moving..(actually my phone camera is not so good..i wish mine was like Hanep)=D.

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