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Monday, September 22, 2008

My Life Currently

Ramadhan is almost going to its end. Oh i am going to miss it soo much...i might not live that long to celebrate it next year (we never know that we gonna live for another day aight!). Well i admit that I dont really go to the masjid for terawih, but i really love Ramadhan. Its not that i dont want to go but during weekdays i will be very tired after coming back home from school.. Only those who are in the same line like me understand the feeling of exaustion. So, having thought about te principle of Ikhlas, i decided to stay at home and do my own way of gaining pahala. Last week when i was hanging out at the staff surau ( my favourite spot during Ramadhan haha), i bumped into this ustazah . She said during Ramadhan all of the good deeds will be doubled its Rewards (i think more kot mmmm), i think even though i dont do my Terawih as religiously as others, i think i could still gain some Rewards if i do some more good deeds sincerely!()Many people forget about this; the concept of sincerity). Well as encouraged by our great Prophet, we all deserve to chase as much pahala as we can, so clap your hands, ask your iman...

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