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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Break Fast....

Holiday is getting closer and closer..of course Hari Raya too(Nep, you are so wrong, raya is so soon!!), today Lidia asked me to 'berbuka' with her(gov servant got bonus lor; i am so disappointed that uncomfirmed teacher like me got only RM1000!).
At first i was a litle hesitate as i didn't want my mak and ayah to 'buka' alone..but since Lidia kept asking me of going out with her, i didn't want to let her down. Besides she is going back home this Friday, so okaylah.

As usual being affected by Hanep(Nep really likes to take his own pics; self-obsessed haha), i took some pics during the outing (so like school students)..Nothing much happen, just a typical outing of some bored goverment servants who desperately looking for some fun in a dead town like Alor Star..what a pity. However i consider our day as not bad since i got to eat blackpepper Steak; Lidia effortlessly tried to correct my pronunciation of the word Steak.

Guys it's steik not stik okay...=P


fallen angel said...

kak mai.. kimslam sama itu lydia.. tell her owh i soooo mishhhhhh herrr..
wah kak mai.. maju ye.. hehehe

Cath said...

Selamat Hari Raya Mai =)