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Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Words

At last I manage to have my own Blog!! well it is not easy you know to set up a blog... I hope that this blog will be better and better each day...ActualLy I am not so good about blogging and stuff like that...but it seems so fun to be able to read other people's thoughts of life. My life is not as interesting as others ; having taught boarding school students, having lived at the nearby kampung with parents have resulted my life to be so typical and dull everyday. Well i do have some hanging out with my friends, but there are the dos and donts you know... well you know people , we cant just say things like that as they could get hurt (daa). Some people say that I am such a bad story teller, i know that as during my primary school time the teachers had never chosen me to participate in the story-telling competition (which i think not so true as I am soo talkative). So, I think it is such a good idea for me to have my own blog as i have sooo much to say about life..not just about my life of course, others too... who knows i might change others' with my humble perception of life... Anyway, lets hope for the best...

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hana_lalalala said...

kak mai!!!!!!!!!! welcome to the blogging world