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Monday, September 22, 2008

Ops continued...

Hehehe...this time i have successfully posted my You might be wondering what does it mean by "Finally", well i actually have accidentally posted that (i was too excited to post another entry...) whereas i still have a lot more to say.. oh actually i had failed to post my first entry..i was a little down about that indeed as i had written my first entry enthusiastically yet it had not appeared in the page!! (how could that be! so unfair) so then i wrote another entry half heartedly..after posting it i shut my laptop down...i don't want to be disappointed again okay.

Back to my conversation with hanep, i told him about the failure of my first attempt...he laughed!! (I knew he would do it)..Okay then, he (over the phone) kindly check my blog. Hehehe thanks Nep for doing that. So he said that the entry was Finally i had succeeded posting my words!!!!! :D..the end..

That is the story about "Finally!"

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