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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Now Kekkaishi is my favourite anime..

When i was about 7 years old i read my first comic which i forgot the title. I remembered my late brother bought it at 30 cents if I'm not mistaken...since then i had shared this comic fan hobby with my beloved brother..when i was older and studying at Maahad, i began my obsession with my first comic; Raja Rimba, which accidentally before that i read it at school (it belonged to Biah's brother). I fell in love with some more comics after that.. Now i have quite a number of collection of this type of comic (at that time kungfu like comics were very popular among the teenagers). To name a few in my collections: Raja Rimba (which i think has never ended), Alam Perwira, Pedang Setiawan (there's a movie created based on this comic), Wira-Wira Keinderaan (it was once out in 8 tv) , Juara-Juara Kembar (didn't finish reading it as i had no time to buy and i had switch my obsession to Japanese comic;manga. There was also a drama about this and was aired on 8 tv).

These comics were my obsession until when i furthered my study in Uitm Shah Alam. I had slowed down buying these types of comics as i had no had time to buy it. Besides, I had difficulty to find a specific store selling these types of comics. Not many bookstores in Shah Alam sold these comics. Then i learnt to read mangas which i accidentally encountered at Kedai Kucing(a bookstore located in section 18 shah alam and it smelled CATS!!)..

Actually, i had had a crush on anime for quite sometimes before being obsessed with it. During my secondary school time i enjoyed watching Sailormoon and Dragonball..they are still popular now.. then after that when Ntv7 aired Card Captor Sakura, i began to enjoy watching anime.. It seems like Japanese are very creative at creating good cartoon. Since i like comics soo much, i had read some mangas and began to fall in love with them..and one of them is Conan, when our local tv aired Conan anime, i thought watching anime is better than reading until now i had watched quite a number of anime and pretty obsess with it... Thank God that we have Youtube which i could download my favourite anime.
Right now i am soo obsessed with Kekkaishi (it was once aired on Ntv7)...
A list of anime that i like the most: Fruit basket, Conan, Kindaichi, Bleach, Vampire Knight, Hell Girl, Slam Dunk etc..
P.S# I'm not sure wthether Avatar The Last Air Bender is a type of anime, but this cartoon is really cool..


hana_lalalala said...

i watch avatar too. sometimes. ehhe

tcer_mai said...

hahaha that anime is soo cute...and the storyline is interesting too.. ihave downloaded some but thelatest one is still unavailable in Youtube..